SEO Power Plays #54

DON'T invest in SEO without using this decision making tree:

The main reason SEO "doesn't work"? Unrealistic expectations.

If your competition has invested in SEO for 5 years, you can't expect to outrank them in 4 months.

Building a strategy that can actually drive impact takes a month alone...BEFORE you create any actual content that can rank!

Once you've identified topics and content ideas, you're talking another month to see any deliverables from writers that are ready to publish.

That's already two months and you haven't hit publish yet.

If you want short-term results, you don't want SEO.

And if you think you can invest for 3 months and then "wait and see what results we get," you don't understand SEO well enough to invest, and will likely burn your cash.


SEO is like a freight train. Just because YOU got off the train, does not mean the freight train stops moving.

Use this decision tree to understand your current position in the SEO market, your projected time frame, and whether or not SEO is right for your goals.