How to 2x your organic CTR (real SEO breakdown)


How to 2x your organic CTR (real SEO breakdown):

Hey you, look at that graph above! (*gasps*)

I recently took a uSERP client from 167,000 organic clicks in 6 months to 1,000,000+ the following 6 months.

That resulted in...

- 1000s of users acquired each month

- 498% increase in traffic

- 2x CTR increase

- 9m impressions

One of the biggest questions I got:

How do you increase CTR now that Google shows a bunch of SERP features that incentivize people not to click?

Increasing your SEO click-through rate is all about (a) ranking position (b) copywriting.

The first ~5 ranking positions in organic search get the lions share of clicks.

But even within the top 5, if Google has SERP features in the way, your CTR can decline. However, you can boost your CTR with good copywriting.

To increase organic CTR, you need to focus on writing better titles. On differentiating your piece of content from the sea of regurgitated junk.

What unique differentiatior can you tap into?

Put yourself in the shoes of the searcher. When they search for something, what else do they think of? What's the main problem they are trying to solve? And how can you craft a title that instantly addresses that?


I want to find the best AI copywriting tool.

Which headline will I click on?

Best AI Copywriting Tool

AI Copywriting Tool: 99% as Good as a Human

Probably option 2. A huge pain point or fear of AI tools is that they can't replicate authentic writing.

Get creative. Stop using boring, keyword stuffed headlines. Appeal to what people actually want to solve or learn or get when they click.

Calling yourself the best tool = broke.

Tackling objections before they even click = woke