SEO Power Plays #41

SEO Tip: poach your competitor's conversions...

Use the Comparison Thief Strategy:

Most think that SEO can only capture existing search demand…

You can actually turn SEO into a demand gen engine and capture traffic that has never heard of you, but are about to purchase your competition.

This strategy targets your key competition by creating comparison content. In other words, YOU are capitalizing on THEIR traffic and turning it into sales.

Instead of writing comparisons of you vs your competitor, you write comparisons of competitor 1 vs competitor 2, and plug your solution as the best alternative.

Here is how to use the Comparison Thief Strategy.

1) Make a list of the top competitors in your niche

2) Write articles comparing the most popular solutions against each other, focusing on their brand, not yours (example: if your brand is monday, write an article titled: Clickup vs Asana)

3) Write a compelling title + hook (example: Clickup Vs Asana: Two Game-Changing Features…)

4) Write a genuinely helpful article for readers, test each product, and write from experience

5) At the end of the article, SELL your solution. Plug yourself as the best alternative. Where previously searchers were only considering Asana and Clickup, they are now looking at monday, too.

Your article will genuinely be helpful for readers while also subtly plugging your own tool to 1000s of people who didn't even know you were an option on the table...

The beauty of the Comparison Thief Strategy?

1) You are getting conversions at the bottom of the funnel from competition

2) You are capitalizing on THEIR high branded search volume! So, even if you are a small competitor, you can succeed with this strategy.