SEO Power Plays #46

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Big websites dominate SEO doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Google tells YOU, the small site, to do....

The evidence is crystal clear: authority is the number one thing that matters in SEO today.

"Good content" is subjective, and it's table stakes at this point. Everyone has pretty good content...very few have excellent authority.

Google says to...

- Stop calling things "expert reviewed"

- Stop using FAQs

- Stop using Table of Contents

- Stop updating the article for no reason

- Stop bombarding with ads/affiliate content

Yet the #1 ranking pages for money-making keywords are dominated by authority brands doing all of the above.

The lesson here is simple...

If you are a small site, you need to prioritize authority, or you're going to ride the wave of constant algorithm updates, hoping it's not you that gets hit.

If you haven't noticed, algorithm changes are not applied equally to all websites.

Algorithm changes are applied softly, if at all, to large websites, and heavily penalize smaller sites.

Want to succeed in SEO? Build more authority.

- More backlinks.

- More press/PR.

- More podcasts, webinars, collaborations.

- More research, case studies, and unique data.

- More brand building.


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