SEO Power Plays #48

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Ranking for all the top-of-the-funnel keywords in your space is a great start. 

It might be enough for B2C companies, depending on the rest of their customer acquisition channels and options.

But, those terms alone often don’t move the needle for long, drawn-out, complex sales cycles.

Translation: Using AI to pump out all the crappy content in the world isn’t actually going to drive you new business. 

If anything, the substandard quality will likely erode the trust and credibility you’ll need to drive five-plus-figure ARPUs.

That’s why B2B brands especially need to balance both ends of the buyer’s journey:

  • You need enough bottom-of-the-funnel content to convert attention into interest (where demos, paid trials or sales enablement are more of the norm).

  • You must not neglect the fact that the vast majority of your ICPs don’t know who you are – so you’ll need to address pain points and education.

You should also realize that sophisticated buyers are already comparing you to alternatives before ever reaching out in the first place. 

So piggybacking on competitors and alternatives of your product – even if they’re not direct competitors but simply better known (or funded) – can help you thread the needle.

This way, you can double down on expanding the “vs” or “alternatives”-queries you’re targeting and actually pushing into the top five. Like so:

If you’re just doing keyword research with a giant data dump, chances are you’re missing these critical “bridge”-type keywords to help transform searchers into leads. 

‘Cause you’re setting artificial minimums around things like “volume,” even though “volume” across most keyword research tools are:

  • Completely inaccurate.

  • Wildly different from tool to tool.

So keep in mind that keyword research data is all relative. Not absolute.

You don’t need to care about “how much volume” there is for a “vs” or “alternative” keyword. ‘Cause in real life, you already know you’re being compared against alternatives. 

Learn to trust your gut, intuition and customer feedback more than any other artificial number in a spreadsheet.


The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

The secret to growing on LinkedIn in 2024

There's a rising demand for high-quality video content on LinkedIn. This presents a major opportunity for brands (and thought leaders) ready to step in.

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  1. Grab your company's existing video assets, like interviews or webinars

  2. Generate dozens of clips using OpusClip

  3. Schedule your whole month’s worth of video clips on LI using our new Calendar feature

  4. Reply to comments on your videos to foster your new connections

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