SEO Power Plays #58

My SEO Content Topic Formula to rank 1st page every time...

SERP Intent + Topical Relevance Diversity = rankings.

SERPs have gone from 10 identical articles with the same headlines to a variety of unique, diverse (yet still relevant) articles covering the subject.

Across 100s of keywords with my clients, this tactic is dramatically improving rankings...

We've seen a big shift in SERPs in the last 16 months from identical headlines to diverse perspectives fit for multiple audiences.

Take a unique stance that still matches search intent and you are guaranteed to see better results than simply regurgitating what people have already done.

Here are a few ways to do just that:

- Personally review / test it

- Make a large comparison list for the comparison shopper

- XX will save you time

- Best for business owners

- Freelancers

- XX tools to get most engagement

Think about the benefits / value a searcher is looking to get, and match that in your title tag to skyrocket CTR.

Guarantee your content ranks better, faster.