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  • Take your SEO results to the next level with these 3 tactics:

Take your SEO results to the next level with these 3 tactics:

Take your SEO results to the next level with these 3 tactics:

SEO isn’t about getting the most traffic to your site - it’s about getting the right traffic. By innovating your SEO tactics, you can acquire high-quality customers. 

✍️ Prioritize genuine thought leadership

Keyword-driven content is the current king of SEO strategy, but it can only get you so far. 

Google’s algorithm prioritizes in-depth, accurate content from trusted sources. 

Strong inbound links are essential for ranking well, and the best way to build a solid backlink portfolio is through truly great content, brand, and relationships. 

The goal: write content so thought-provoking and distinct that people can’t help but share it. 

Writing thought-leadership content isn’t easy. Instead of focusing on keywords, you’ll need to:

  • Drive social shares and engagement

  • Use a strong, striking tone

  • Back up your position with examples

  • Leave readers with a final question and prompt them to share

Nobody wants to share basic, boring content. While keyword-driven content has its place, focusing on thought leadership has plenty of benefits. 

📈 SERP monopoly strategy

Breaking into the software niche is a massive challenge for new companies, and even the best SEO strategy takes time to bear fruit.

Instead of creating content yourself, get your company featured on every single round-up and comparison article for your target keywords.

When reaching out to site owners, consider how to make the relationship mutually beneficial. Common incentives include:

  • Affiliate deals

  • Lifetime free access to your tool

  • Editorial freedom to genuinely review and rank your product

SERP monopoly is extremely effective for software companies due to the sheer number of “best of” lists.

💰 Sales enablement content for SEO

Sales enablement articles are key middle- to bottom-funnel pieces that customers look for when making a purchasing decision.

Here are the typical formats:

  • Why - Why choose this product?

  • Best - The best product for X

  • Versus - Product X vs. Product Y

Sales enablement content:

  • Creates trust

  • Helps you rank for competitors’ branded searches

  • Widens the keywords you can target

Pairing sales enablement content with SERP monopoly and thought leadership is a surefire way to increase qualified leads, sales, and revenue.