Unique root domains

“Unique root domains” are destroying your SEO

Here's why:

SEOs have become way too obsessed with "unique root domains" for link building.

"We don't want a link from there, we already have one!"

This is dead wrong. It's outdated advice.

I've built links for 400+ brands and have droves of internal data on what works for MANY companies, not just one site where you can't separate correlation vs causation...

Getting multiple unique root domains (individual websites) linking back to you is amazing.

But so is having a great website link back to you time and time again.

Think about it...

- What if that single domain never links to you again?
- What if that link gets removed or they delete the article?
- What happens if that content is outdated and gets zero traffic?
- What if that domain links to you and your competitor the same amount of times?

Based on those questions, do you genuinely think it makes sense to get one link and move on...?

If a website keeps linking to your content, Google is going to see that as a repeated trust signal where a massive brand now thinks you are the go-to reference on a specific topic, time and time again.

Repeated trust signals are KEY, and often MORE impactful than random, one-off mentions.

The idea that you should get one single link from a domain and then never get another one is missing the point of link building in the first place: establish trust and become the authority in a topic or niche.

Authority figures don't get one-off links, one-time, 5 years ago. They get repeated mentions anytime that topic is discussed.

In addition, multiple links from the same domain act as "link insurance" in the event that one link is removed or an article is deleted or changed.

Multiple links from the same domain help widen the gap between you and competitors.

If the domain is authoritative, you should be happy to get repeat links from them.

Stop clinging to decade-old SEO advice.

Your organic traffic will thank you later for it.